The Future of Land is Now

The Joe Williams Land Bank Fund invests in raw land, using a unique sourcing tool to discover the best off-market tracts in high growth areas. Once acquired, the land is processed through any number of specific techniques to add value for a user or vertical developer and sold for high-yielding returns. We then share those profits with our investment partners.

We are focusing on properties that are often overlooked by other larger firms. Our entitlement & development process allows us to leverage our unique nationwide access to off-market and rarely available offerings, giving us a leg up on new opportunities.

Land as an asset class is a very safe investment. Once entitled, it is in high demand by developers, builders, and users. Above all, we execute with expertise, experience, and passion.

Austin, Texas
Miami, Florida
NYC, New York

The Case for Land

as an Asset Class

No matter what the RE asset class, whether it's in Office, Retail, Hotel, or Industrial, nothing can start without having a fully prepared and entitled tract ready for the vertical construction to begin.

Land is a limited commodity. In some municipalities, we believe that the geographic limitations alone help hold and increase values with very little work having to be done. But you have to find it first.

Comparatively, land is a safe investment, especially in top markets. We believe that with expertise applied in the procurement and entitling process investment returns can far outstrip many other “safe” investments. 

We believe the three initial keys to land investment start with the right price, superior locations, and correct timing.

Aerial view of land near a highway

Keys to Our Success

We believe that the key to our success is through the long-term relationships our agents have nurtured for years. They know their local community and can discover “off-market” land parcels before these opportunities are listed publicly.

Knowing so many commercial agents who are tuned in to their local business landscape gives us a distinct marketing edge.

Plus, our agents already know the Real Estate experts in their town that are needed for properly evaluating the potential feasibility of a deal. Once we’ve locked on to an opportunity, using a Land Fund structure allows us to move quickly to tie up the parcel and get to work entitling through site planning, engineering, zoning, etc. The final result is a “shovel ready” parcel for vertical developers who routinely don’t have the time or local expertise to accomplish this critical step.